Hey Everyone! 
So you want to know more about me and my business?
I could write a standard bibliography... and if you want that list, go ahead skip below,
But what I really want to do is tell you why I started Live Events and Weddings in Jan 2015.
I love people!
There I said. Yes I love art, but I love what it does for people more!

Capturing a persons smile, a unique feature they may not like about  themselves and saying:
"YES, You're beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!"
That is so exciting for me.
I want to listen to you, to your story, and express that on canvas.

I grew up in a small small town in Ohio called Chesire, until the age of 10 when I travelled all over the USA as my mother was a contract travelling nurse. It was an unconventional upbringing, but it is also what gave me my love of people!

When I met people in Maryland doing annual crabbing, and I walked with them in the marshes, I fell in love with Marylanders.When I walked in the footsteps of Mormon ancestors who travelled the wagon trails in Utah and Idaho, I fell in love with the Rocky Mountain people. When I moved to the big cities of San Francisco and Seattle, for my own art studies, I fell in love with the uniqueness of city people, the hustle, and personalities. From gay pride parades to the business men and women working hard every day.

Now I have fallen in love with the English people, to the country folk of Frome, and the City people of Bath and London, to the Northerners of Yorkshire...You are all different and unique but connected by the common thread of being British. I feel so honoured to have the opportunity to live among you for the past 9 years.

My current passions are creating a life with purpose, and a business with purpose. I see a future of Dartford being "Darling Dartford", or "Daring Dartford", and not "Dirty Dartford" anymore.
I see a future of going to local live events in and around Bexley Borough an Kent, and supporting Art, History, and the People. And along the way if you want me to capture the moment of your wedding or event- I want to create that moment too. That's the way I create a life of purpose, that's the way I create meaning.
Every Painting I do is done with Love, and to create that warmth and connection of the human experience. 
 I leave you with a local 1 hour, live painting sketch I did March 2015: