1) Can I get a commission in any medium?
Yes prices vary from oil paintings, charcoal, and watercolour but I am happy to give you a quote. For a rough idea, please check out my Pricing Page for weddings, and Commission Page for studio artwork. I recommend the oils, however, because they are the longest lasting medium I work with, and will be around for many generations to enjoy.

2) What can I expect on my big day?
Please refer to my "How it Works” page.

3) Can our guests watch and talk to you?
Yes! I welcome interaction with me as I paint – I am as enthusiastic about people as I am painting.

4) Are you just having people stand there while you paint them?
NO! I am arranging with you to paint You and your partner on your big day, while you are moving around, cutting cake, enjoying each other’s company. It’s an interactive painting, not a static one, and the only guests that are included in the foreground of the painting are your Very Important People.

5) What does your set up look like?
My set up is 12 square feet, with my travel easel, a rug, my brushes and equipment and palette. I need to be located near an outlet for my light source.

6) How much space do you need?
12 square feet to allow me to back up as needed, and allow people to gather around and ask questions.

7) Can you paint outdoors / indoors?
Yes I can accommodate indoor or outdoor live painting at your leisure.

8) Do you travel?
Yes, however travel costs are additional extra.

9) What if I can’t pay it in two payments?
I can arrange a monthly payment plan and when completed you can claim your painting then.

10) What if I don’t like the painting?
I have never had an unsatisfied customer yet! However, I work through every step of the process to make sure that this won't happen- I will send regular updates and ask if there is any changes you would like in process. 

11) I want to surprise the bride/groom with hiring you as a wedding painter, can I do that?
Yes you can! I can work with you to surprise them on the day.

12) I love your work, I want to hire you for something else! Can I commission a separate picture?
Yes, I have contracts available on my website. You can hire me for people or pet portraits, portraits of your treasured items, or for any artwork you could think of at all. If it can be dreamed up it can be painted!

13) How do I book a Commission painting/drawing?
You can call me, email me, facebook me, or fill in a contact form. I will then work out price and invoice you 30% down, I will buy supplies, keep in contact, and all payments are made either debit/credit card on my card reader, or by paypal. In person and long distance I work under a contract, you can view this on my "Commissions" page.  You need to sign and return to me, via email or post, to get started at date of booking. We decide together the size the medium and what to be painted/drawn, and how many hours of total work. I then keep you up to date with unlimited consultation hours, so you can always know what stage of the work the art is at and how long the process is taking. I welcome skype consultations and phone and email enquiries.