"Our family has several paintings by Nicole Lane. We commissioned this one of hibiscus which is a great favorite. Nicole is extremely talented and able to do such beautiful pieces. We highly recommend this extremely talented young artist." - Jim and Mary Droste, Florida, USA

"For my book The Slayers of Dragonhome I needed something eye-catching and evocative - Nicole certainly provided that!" - John Peel, New York USA, http://www.John-Peel.com

"I have ordered several paintings from Nicole and absolutely love them. She is extremely talented and professional to work with... Amazing work. when I look at her paintings I smile!" - Yvonne and Jay Russell, Utah, USA, http://www.LipedemaProducts.com

"I commissioned Nicole for artwork of Hever Castle, Whispers of Sprint Part 1 and 2, her work was done quickly, beautifully, and captured the essence of the place while I was on holiday. I would definitely work with her again." - Jerrie Howard, West Virginia, USA