It is my 2 year anniversary of NicoleLaneArt.com. I am so grateful for everyone who has stopped by and who keeps frequenting it.

As I have now renewed my domain name I took the day to rehaul my webpage and make it more user friendly for phones and mobiles!  Please let me know in comments what you think of the new page design.

The Gallery showing last month went well! I am now networking with the Dartford Arts network. It's opening doors and keeping me busy. :-) They are great group of people up there and I hope to keep expanding outward, one baby step at a time.

These last few months, I have been working on getting my art supplies together, and playing with my oil paints for the first time while learning from Jonathan Hardesty at CAO. I am now almost 3 years in training, and as my charcoal drawings can show you I am progressing. My updates are slow, but I am doing more quality work. All this effort takes more time but the final results are very much worth all the effort.

This summer and fall I am starting and finishing my fourth cast, working on colour charts and doing commissions on the side as I can fit them in. Right now I am working on a wedding commission, and my third cast called the Lovers (depicted to the left).
If I get approval from the happy couple I shall display the commission work up here for all to see. 

I am aiming to finish my third cast by September 19th. As a birthday gift to myself! 

I had a great 4th of July as an American living abroad, and a beautiful month of July. I hope you all have had too, and find peace love and joy in your life wherever you are.