My training and business continue :)
As I take one step forward, small steps at a time, I am learning more about my world, myself, and art. I'm trusting myself and my abilities more each day.
So my newest project is my second cast drawing, the name is yet undecided.
It's a bit of a stop and start project as I keep coming back to it with fresh eyes, I am juggling this between my self portrait. It's taking a lot less time than the last one. David took , with all different versions, 1 year! This is taking around 2 months.

I am hoping to enter some sort of competition next year with my artwork, I am not sure what yet, but I am researching some ideas. I'm also seeking inspiration for artwork further afield. One of my newest inspirations is Rose Frantzen. I particularly love her allegorical figures, she has a lot to say with her artwork, and it's simply breathtaking. Having someone who you aspire to is important in any field, it takes your work to the next level. Her work can be viewed at: Old City Hall Gallery
My word for the year is Determination. I plan on focusing on that and in line with that I came across a few quotes that I added to my facebook page to follow along with my determination with my artwork. My first one s from my teacher Jon Hardesty, who says "Those who are successful at art are those who last the longest in it." Another is: "We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an act but habit." - Aristotle. 

I also did a meet and greet with local artists in Dartford this month, and I joined a watercolour group, for every tuesday, so balancing my work with studies will be easier as you bring in projects you need to work on rather than formal education. 
So I will let you all know how that goes, and that means more watercolour updates on this site.

Thank you all for stopping by and seeing my page and keeping in touch with me, and for my many followers on facebook! :) You all are appreciated.